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This year 18 new and longer term friends joined with us around our Thanksgiving Tables to celebrate this American holiday.  Most Irish have not experienced pumpkin pie; and as it turns out, we are finding it is an 'aquired' taste.  Mince pies are brilliant and more the standard fare going into the holiday season here - they are the small white ones in the image below.


  Kathy and 3 of our guests prepared the wonderful desserts that complimented all the traditional Turkey and dressing that we enjoyed.  We have enjoyed a feast of blessing that goes well beyond the incredible food!

desserts and bakers                                                          From L to R:  Anne, Sue S, Kathy, Sue R 


I'm Nervous . . .

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This coming Saturday, 21 Novemeber I am going to be the primary photographer at a friend's wedding!  I've been a '2nd shooter' several times but never have I done a wedding as a '1st shooter'.  I am definately not a professional and I'm only doing this because the bride's father is a good friend and he 'insisted' that I do it. 

I am a bit nervouse as I can't 'do it again' if it doesn't turn out!  So, my plan is to shoot somewhere in the region of 2,000 images and ask God to bless a few of them so the Bride is happy!  Two Saturdays ago we had blue skies over the reception venue, Innishannon House Hotel, SO I drove down to get a few shots - just in case the wedding day weather isn't good.  Here's what it looked like on a bright blue sunny day - so, I have at least one shot in the bag :)

Innishannon Hotel 

Scilly Walk

Posted by Tim on 3 November 2015 - 11:04am

Scilly walk

This is an image of the Scilly Walk (Silly) and it's about 1.25 miles from our house into the middle of Kinsale via this brilliant walk.  If we walk from our front door it is about 1 mile to get to the beginning of this pathway.  Kathy takes this route with whoever our current Guide Dog pup is on a regular basis.  You can see the town on the left side of the image, nestled along side the Kisale Harbour that comes in from the Atlantic ocean.  Next time you are in Kinsale, we would love to show you this amazing place!

11 Month Old Rocco

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This is a shot of our current 11 month old guide dog pup in training, 'Rocco'.  Kathy has his full attention at a joint church service we were recently attending in Bandon.  With more than 400 people there, Rocco did a great job staying quiet and out of the way . . . mostly!

Rocco is our 6th pup so far as we continue to volunteer with The Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind.  This one came to us at about 9 months old when his original 'puppy walker' had to leave the program.  He is doing great, however, and we will be, once again, heartbroken when he has to leave for his advanced training in a few months. 



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