Introducing Rocco (Rock-O)

Posted by Tim on 22 August 2015 - 9:22am

Pup Rocco

What happens when a first time Puppy Walker 'hits the wall'?  Who you gonna call . . .  Kathy Laughlin!  This is 9 month old Rocco.  He is a full Labradore Guide Dog Puppy in Training that now, as of 2 weeks ago, resides in our house!  Sometimes people who have never raised a puppy before have a 'warm all over' romantic pipe dream about how things will go when they get a new puppy.  But what happens when the dream meets reality?

When that little buddle of fur begins to grow . . . FAST!  How do you handle puppy biting, barking, chewing, pooping, etc!  It is a CHALLENGE and many first timers don't make it and give up.  This is now the second time Kathy has gotten 'the call' to rescue a 9 month old pup from a very frustrated & dissillustioned novice puppy walker.  Guide Dogs are not 'born that way', they have to grow up with countless hours of patient training and positive reinforcement.  There are few people on the planet more patient with animals than Kathy!

Rocco has loads of potential and I am confident Kathy will draw the best out of him in the remaining 3 to 5 months of his development before he enters the formal phase of his training.  Kathy will have him until he is 13 - 15 months (probably), and he has made a great deal of progress just in the last 2 weeks. We think he will turn out grand! 

Tempo Café in Kinsale

Posted by Tim on 7 August 2015 - 8:01am

Summer time in Kinsale brings out music.  Well, music is in Kinsale all year round, but it seems like there is more when it's warmer!  This past Saturday we held a Tempo Café in the middle of town - this is a kind of coffee shop set up where we invite young artists to come and perform. has been doing this for several years now as a venue for people to sit, relax, chat and listen to live music. . . here's a couple of artists from this past session . . .

Tempo Café 


Posted by Tim on 30 July 2015 - 10:17am

As the family is growing we are publishing this shot with our future son-in=law, Alvin Marquez, along with our oldest son Andrew, his brilliant wife Sarah and their three little ones - Abby (11), Joseph (7) and Caitlin (5).  Since everyone left last Thursday, the house has been very quiet.  

We are thrilled as Sarah & Alvin begin wedding plans - Currently set for Spring 2016 in the San Jose, CA area (subject to change due to venue and other logistics).

family shot 

Sarah & Alvin's Engagement

Posted by Tim on 20 July 2015 - 5:46am

Alvin & Sarah

This past 2 weeks have been a BIG DEAL in our family!  This image of daughter Sarah and her new fiancé, Alvin Marquez, was taken in our sitting room here in Kinsale on 9th July, an hour or so after Alvin proposed. He popped the question just down the road at a beautiful spot overlooking the Atlantic Ocean harbour in Kinsale.

It was a nail bitter as Sarah was to arrive in Ireland with Alvin and 3 other friends on Sunday, the 5th.  When she arrived at the airport in San Francisco to board her flight to Dublin, she was informed that her passport had expired in February!  Devestation set in there at SFO.  

While at the airport Alvin made sure they reserved a ticket for Sarah 3 days later, hoping that would be enough time to get an ememrgency passport renewal.  To shorten the story, it worked and Sarah only had to remain at home for a couple of days before joining Alvin and the others here in Ireland.

We are all very excited - they are planning a March 2016 wedding in the San Jose, CA area! 


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