Supermoon Rise

Posted by Tim on 15 November 2016 - 7:53pm in

Here's the scene this evening, from our new back garden, as the 'Supermoon' rises around 7:34pm this evening. It was not a clear night, but you can see the bottom half on the moon in this image as it rises into the clouds on the horizon...


Secondary School Age Camp

Posted by Tim on 3 November 2016 - 11:46am

This past Saturday through Tuesday was another edition of MCC (Munster Christian Camp), this time held in Durrow. where Faith Mission has built an incredible facilty half way between Dublin & Cork for camping and conferences. This school term break saw about 45 kids and 20 leaders attending camp and having loads of fun with solid teaching as well. 

There was a half day outing to Dublin's National Aquatic Centre, and to Killkenny for bowling. This newer facility is custom built for this type of camping and the kids really look forward to it. Here's a few images of the facility:


camp sports hall

HAPPY 60TH Kathy!

Posted by Tim on 11 October 2016 - 6:52am

Today is the love of my life's 60th birthday! She was not yet 21 when we were married in 1977, but she is even more beautiful today. In the image below with Rocco, who is now officially Kathy's dog after not making it through Guide Dog for the Blind training. We did not think we could keep a dog of our own due to our need to travel back to America every few years, but good friends here in Ireland WANT to keep him when we are gone... We will be back in the states from Dec through May, 2017.

Kathy & Rocco 

Kinsale Mist...

Posted by Tim on 29 September 2016 - 2:50pm

We often have bright sunny days here in Kinsale, but we also often have 'close' or 'misty' days as well. This past week or two has had many more misty days than we usually get. So, I thought it time to snap a few 'fog portraits, of this famous Co. Cork tourist attraction.

If you have not been to Ireland, it is good to prepare for two or three types of weather in a single day, no matter which time of year you visit. That's wny dressing in layers is so popular - you can quckly remove a hoodie or jumper (sweater) if the sun pops out, and then you can put it back on when (not 'if') it dissaperars! Here's a "non-sunny" day photograph:

    This is a fence leading to Charles Fort, just down the hill from our house. Good thing there is a fence!

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