Over Flow.

Posted by Tim on 9 May 2009 - 12:25pm





Overflow pipe

Several days ago we were getting a bit of a drizzle, but not a big deal in terms of heavy rain, when we started to hear water pour down onto the tile in our back garden (yard).  We looked out the window to see a large stream of water pouring down from somewhere and pounding down right next to our BBQ grill.  I looked up and saw a small 1" plastic pipe coming out of the small eve of our house - 3 floors up!  I had never noticed this pipe before and had no idea what was going on.  Why would water be pouring out of the eve of our house?

Being clueless, I checked in the front of our house to see if Peter's car was there - thankfully it was!  Neighbor to the rescue . . .  I hit his door bell and asked him if he might have any idea why water was continuing to pour out of our house!  

In a couple of minutes Peter was up on the 2nd floor (third level - as we have a 'main' floor, 1st floor and 2nd floor) of our house, in our bedroom - climbing on a ladder inside the house into our attic!  To my surprise there is a very large water storage tank in all the houses in our estate (sub-division), located in the attic - almost directly above our bed!!  We could have a whole new meaning to the term 'water bed'!

Water is pumped into this storage tank and used to 'gravity feed' all the toliets and showers in our house.  Ahh, that is why plumbing is very quiet, and also why there is very little water pressure - especially in the small shower on the 2nd floor.  This tank has a float in it that shuts off the water once the tank is full (just like most toliets in the states work) - or at least is supposed to shut off the water!

Somehow, our little float got stuck open and water was continuing to be pumped into the tank, and now out onto our patio through this 1" plastic over flow pipe!  See the picture below to get a closer look at the pipe.  At any rate Peter fixed the problem and agreed to come back for a steak dinner BBQ for saving us from a flood!  So we are now working on a date that will work into everyone's schedule for an American Steak BBQ . . .  can't wait!

Over flow pipe 2


Bank Holiday . . . and Trinity College!

Posted by Tim on 4 May 2009 - 9:03am

Today, Monday 4th May, is a bank holiday in Ireland.  What, you may ask, is the holiday for?  That's a good question as there is no particular reason.  It is not designed as a celebration for a historical evernt such as 'President's Day' or 'Independence Day'.  It is just a really nice holiday!  There are four bank holidays in Ireland this year:

                        May 4th         June 1st          August 3rd          October 26th

So, we have invited a family over for a BBQ later this afternoon.  They live across the street in our estate (sub-division) and down about 10 doors or so.  Sarah does child minding (baby sitting) for them on Thursday and Friday afternoons most weeks.  We are looking forward to having them over and hope the rain stops long enough for us to fire up the wonderful BBQ provided for us by a wonderful family in the states (well sort of).  At any rate, we are thankful for a gas grill as we, along with our Irish friends, very much enjoy a good BBQ!

We also received more great news this past week . . . our second son, Mark, has been accepted into his PhD program here in Dublin at Trinity College.  There are still details to be worked out concerning funding/scholarships but we are trusting the Lord to continue to do what He always does - (work everything together for good for those who love Him).  Mark and his wonderful wife Aubrey (see pic below) finished with Mark's master's degree at Hebrew University in Israel this past spring and are now living in Northern California.  Since Mark's doctorial program will be a research degree, he will only need to be in Ireland about 4 weeks per year.  Wow, is that great for us or what!  Amazing!

Mark & Aubrey


A Note From Kathy . . .

Posted by Tim on 28 April 2009 - 10:13am

We are having a lovely spring this year in Ireland! As I look outside right now, I see blue skies; well if I look straight up it's blue, It is cloudy to the right and the left so we may have a few showers here and there, but the grass is emerald green and flowers are blooming everywhere!  I have always loved spring and this is our second spring on the emerald isle.  As I think back to last spring I remember the clouds, the rain and the chilly wind more than anything else and I wonder if this year is really that much different than last, or if my perspective has changed.  In fairness (as the Irish would say), we didn't have a car right away last year so we were out in the weather, walking or waiting at bus stops a lot.  Come to think of it I took Tullagh for a walk in the rain a few days ago and waited at six bus stops in one day the day before yesterday.  Maybe I am just developing a good Irish appreciation for fresh air.  Whatever the reason, I am enjoying this spring very much and I'm so thankful to the Lord for the beauty that I see all around me!

On Saturday I was out walking Tullagh and as usual he was wearing his yellow jacket that says; Puppy in Training, Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind.  It was a lovely spring day much like it is today and I was enjoying the beauty of God's creation when a woman and little boy spotted us and asked if they could give the dog a rub (pet him), Tullagh was happy for the attention and the woman (Niamh) and I had a nice chat. Before  I continued my walk she mentioned that we would have never met if it hadn't been for Tullagh in his yellow jacket!  As I walked on I gave thanks to God for the way he has used Tullagh to help us connect with people and asked the Lord to bring new life to many that we come in contact with on this beautiful island!


The Bread Shop!

Posted by Tim on 19 April 2009 - 3:28am

Below is a lousy picture, because a huge van was parked in front when I came to take the shot, but it shows a bit of our favorite coffee shop!  We have gone to this same shop once or twice a week over the past many months as it has great food and pastries and is in the middle of our community.  The people who work their all know Tullagh, our guide dog puppy and usually ask me where he is if I happen to stop in without him!

If you are ever in town, this is the place I will want to take you, especially for breakfast!  You can't beat an Irish breakfast roll - it's a baguette roll with rashers, (Irish beacon) sausage and a fried egg!  Sometimes The Bread Shop serves as an office when I have things to get done on the laptop or reading to do.  This wonderful little piece of Ireland is known only to the local folks as it is almost impossible to see from the main road. . . you just have to know it's there.

When Kathy and I were there on Friday for a cup of tea we noted that this little business has people of all ages coming through the doors.  There is a school not far away and kids from that stream in and out during their lunch breaks and after school.  Business people and retired folks are often there for breakfast or lunch because the food is so good and reasonably priced.  We love making friends and building relationships and The Bread Shop is a great place for us to do it!
The Bread Shop

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