Another First - This Time in Thurles!

Posted by Tim on 16 March 2009 - 4:50am

    This past Sunday, 15th March, Kathy and I had a chance to visit a new part of Ireland . . . one of MANY 'firsts' in this our SECOND year living on this beautiful Emerald Isle!  We found out about a couple, close to our age, that had moved to Thurles (about 2 hours SW of our home) this past summer from Northern Ireland.  Michael & Lesley 'moved' from the roofing industry to pastor a church and we wanted to meet them.

Our friends in Nenagh (about 40 minutes from Thurles) attend this church a couple of times per month and they showed us around on the way.  This particular Sunday, just two days before St. Patrick's Day, there were a team of men also attending who had come down from Portadown Northern Ireland (near Belfast) to do some work on the facility.  We had a great time making new friends in another part of Ireland!

You may also have heard on the news about several new attacks in Northern Irelaand by what is claiming to be THE REAL IRISH REPUBLICAN ARMY.  This is an ugly situation that vertually every existing political group here is condeming and hoping does not escalate into any kind of wide spread violence.  If you want to check out Irish Newspaper Headlines now and then, you can go to this website for updates:

Stay tuned for pics of St. Patrick's Day in Dublin!  Tomorrow we will be heading into downtown, along with a million or so others, to take in the Parade.  This will be yet another first, as we had only been here  10 days last year, and decided to go to a large sporting event - this year it is going to be the parade!  I will try to post pictures on Wednesday or Thursday, if I can get close enough to the action!

One Year TODAY!

Posted by Tim on 6 March 2009 - 12:09pm

Hard to believe our first year here in Dublin is now in the books!  Looking in the review mirror helps us prepare for what is to come in the near and longer range future.  Just a few of the highlights:

  • The first house we looked out was 'the one' for our first, and now second year as well - PTL!
  • We were able to enroll in a very helpful class THE DAY BEFORE it actually started - brilliant!
  • Our new Irish friends & neighbors have helped us beyond our wildest hopes - we LOVE them!
  • Our car was creamed by falling roof tiles in the midst of a huge wind storm - but our insurance took care of everything and no one was hurt!
  • Tullaugh, our guide dog puppy, arrived in late summer and has helped us earn volunter credibility - we are already dreding the day he goes off to 'Doggie University' in Cork.
  • Our little church here in Ballycullen (SW Dublin) has been a massive blessing.
  • We are learning 'Irish' english - we have found that if you are liked, you get 'slagged' (teased) and we are getting slagged - alot!  We love it!
  • We are learning quickly, but have so much farther to go!
  • We are grateful beyond measure to those of you from the states who are helping us to be here, especially in the midst of what could turn out to be another financial depression.
  • We now know how to enjoy a good Irish Pub - Guiness is NOT required!

PLEASE send us a comment or two of things you may want us to cover in future blogs.  Maybe we are missing things you might want to hear more about!

Tullagh & Good Friends!

Posted by Tim on 1 March 2009 - 10:03am

Tim & Tullagh

In case you can't figure it out it from this photo, our 'Puppy' is getting bigger!  Tullagh is now 7 months old and weighs in at around 30 kilos (66 pounds).  Today, as always, he went to our Sunday meeting with us where the kids LOVE him.  There is one new little girl who tells her Mum "I can't wait for Sunday so we can go to church and see the puppy"!

Below is a typical walk with Tullagh; in this picture we are in a beautiful area about an hour from our home called Glendalough.  'Lough' (Lock) is used for 'lake' in most cases and this particular area would be pronounced as 'glen-da-lock' and it is one of the most popular tourist spots in Ireland and a 'must see' if you travel here.

Tim & Tullagh on a walk

Yesterday two college girls arrived to spend the week with Sarah - they are from Kentucky and the daughters of two wonderful families we know in the states.  Sarah Rathhaar & Jenny Moran are on a break from Cedarville University in Ohio and we are excited to have them with us.  'Our' Sarah has been planning for this for some time now and will be showing them as much as she can - while still attending classes herself, as this is NOT an off week for classes in Ireland.

This picture (below) of the girls was taken in/near a small brook in the Glendalough park . . . 

Sarah, Sarah & Jeny

Sarah & Sarah & Jenny



Posted by Tim on 20 February 2009 - 7:42am

   There are times when challenges come and you know that God is building new strength and character that you will need later.  All of us goes through these times of testing so don't think you are alone, if this is YOUR time.  I have two such times to share with you this week - for the purpose of prayer.

  First, as our lease came due a week or two ago, we were able to remain in the house we moved in to originally here in Ballycullen (SW Dublin).  We received a new lease offer with a 100 euro per month reduction, which is a big help to us financially.  We invited our landlord over to the house to sign the new paperwork as we had not met her in person.  We have had a chance to met her husband on a few occassions but not the rest of the family - they have two young boys.

  When they got here they came in to meet Tullagh, our guide dog puppy, and ended up staying over an hour - it was good to begin a relationship in this way.  She was expecting their third child and going to the doctor for a routine check up the next week.  We received a text message the next Wednesday night, that the baby was a boy, but he had died on Monday.  Please PRAY for this family, and how we might be able to minister to them when the time is right.

  Second, many of you know my brother, Ted, has worked at Answers in Genesis for over 10 years now, most recently as the Operations Director for the Creation Museum.  You also know of the recession and the financial strain that has been placed on many ministries such as AiG.  I jsut found out that Ted has been let go and is now in the job market.  He is looking forward to whatever God has for him next, but please remember him in your prayers as well.  I have a copy of his resume if you know of someone looking for a very dedicated and talented employee.

  "I pray that your love may abound more and more in knowledge and depth of insight so that you may be able to decern what is BEST . . . "   - The Apostle Paul

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