Rocco is Leaving on Tuesday

Posted by Tim on 16 January 2016 - 9:00am

Puppy Rocco

Rocco (Rock-O), our 6th pup we have raised for The Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind, will be leaving us on Tuesday, 19 January.  He will be going to the training headquarters in Cork City to begin his new life of service.  As always, we are sad to see him go as he is such a great young dog now.  This is ALWAYS the hardest part of raising a pup . . . letting them go.

We know he will become a valuable part of a new family in another year or so, once he is fully trained.  There are 2 programs he could enter.  One is as a guide dog for a blind person, or Two, as an assistance dog for a family with a young autistic child.  We hope Rocco does well in his training and go on to a wonderful life, but we miss him already. 

'Frank' visits Ireland

Posted by Tim on 30 December 2015 - 1:26pm

No, Frank is not the name of the young man in the photo below - this is our new friend and teammate Joshua Hochstetler.  Frank is the name of the storm that brought heavy winds and tons of rain to most of Ireland last night and this morning.  The sea behind Josh is not usually near this rough.  Frank's gusts near 90 kph whipped the surf into 4-7 foot waves where usually they are 1-2 feet in this area.

Josh has been with us over the holidays but returns to Dublin on Saturday where he is working for the next 11 months or so at Ballycullen Community Church.  He is doing a great job learning a new culture by observing and asking good questions!

Joshua H 

Happy Christmas

Posted by Tim on 26 December 2015 - 3:55am in

Kathy and I spent our first Christmas together in 1977 after being married in August of that year.  This year while decorating our tree here in Ireland, I noticed . . . again, our first special ornament.  It was given to us by Ron & Maeona Urban when we were living in our very first apartment, in Scappoose, Oregon!  It has survived all these years and brings back great memories.  We wish you many warm Christmas memories and anticipation of the best Christmas, yet to come!

1st ornament 

Carols at Christmas

Posted by Tim on 14 December 2015 - 6:42am

Yesterday was our annual Carols at Christmas service here in Kinsale.  We handed out about 1200 flyers inviting the community to join us for a time of Christmas Carols, scripture readings and a reminder of what this season is all about.  This would be our 7th gathering of this type, but our first time in our regular Sunday venue as a stand alone church.  We were thrilled that the hall was packed with about 100 people turning up!


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