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Kinsale Old Head Lighthouse

Posted by Tim on 3 June 2016 - 5:11pm

Once a year the Kinsale Old Head Lighthouse opens for the public to go inside and climb to the top! It is an amazing view to be sure. This year, there were four friends that were at the top, looking down, along with me. . . here's their picture!


The lighthouse has been mechanized and updated over the years and stands on a beautiful, and norrow piece of land with a golf course surronding it. This year there were wild flowers covering the top of the ground as you look at the cliffs below the lighthouse - it was a terrific day.

cliffs & wild flowers


Amazing Blue Belles!

Posted by Tim on 15 May 2016 - 1:05pm in

This past Thursday, Kathy started a 10k walk with friends, Anne (from England), Anne (from Scotland) and Catherine (Cat, from America) in the middle of a small forest. The forest floor is covered in blue belles and white flowered wild garlic!  It is a brillinat flow of colour for about 3 weeks each year. Below are a few images of the forest floor, the path, and the walkers!

forest floor 

blue belles 



4 Walkers 

The 4 walkers: Kathy, Anne (English), Anne (Scottish), Catherine (American) Plus Rocco the yellow lab, Belle, the black poodle and Quinta, a retired Guide Dog. 

Another Storm - Another Shipwreck.

Posted by Tim on 11 April 2016 - 7:53am

The Irish RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institution) pulled 3 fishermen from the sea, near the mouth of the Kinsale Harbour last night, 10 April, 2016.  The fishing trawler got into trouble in the middle of a bad storm that began earlier in the day. Below is a couple of shots during the storm, and then a couple that shows the ship the next morning . . .

shipwreck 1

shipwreck 2

shipwreck 3

shipwreck 4 

Nohoval Cove - Who Knew!

Posted by Tim on 26 March 2016 - 4:17pm

Nohoval Cove.   We have been living 25 minutes from this incredible landscape for over 3 years, and just discoved it THIS WEEK! How can an incredible display of God's handiwork of this nature go unnoticed by me?! A great lad from the camera club I belonged to in Dublin came all the way to Kinsale to show our Kinsale Photographic Society his work, and then asked me to take him to Nohoval Cove! I found it the day before he arrived, with the help of another camera club friend here.  Lots of great friends with people who also love photography!

Nohoval   Waiting for the sun to rise and hoping for a break in the clouds . . . 


                                                             It's coming through . . . just starting! 

full sunrise

                           Yes!  Full Sun for about 10 minutes, but it was worth the wait! 

set up  My friend from Dublin, getting setup! 

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