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Grace E

Posted by Tim on 12 August 2016 - 10:10am in

Here in Kinsale, once or twice a year, we are surprised by the visit of a superyacht. In the past couple of weeks, it was 'that time' and 'Grace E' sailed into the harbour. The harbour master is a friend of ours so he gave us a bit of info on this 5 deck, $120 million ship, owned by an American in the coffee business. Now I know why a 5 oz cup of coffee cost €3,50 ($4.00)!

The first photo below is a shot of Grace E anchored in the mouth of the harbour waiting for a pilot to bring her in so she can dock in the marina. The second shot gives you an idea of her size next to our 'normal' size boats.

fog                                           Grace E anchored in the fog & mist...

Grace E docked                                            Grace E docked at the marina

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