39 Years Ago TODAY

Posted by Tim on 27 August 2016 - 3:42am

27 August 1977 Kathy and I were married in Salinas, California - 39 years ago today! So, to celebrate God's countless blessings to us, we are going to have dinner at one of Ireland's most stunning restaurants! We have never been inside the Kinsale Old Head Golf Links clubhouse and restaurant, but we have been to the top of the Old Head Lighthouse, from where I took the below photographs.

old head golf links This is an image of part of the golf course built on this narrow spit of land called the Kinsale Old Head, the clubhouse & restaurant are tucked into the background looking over the golf course and the lighthouse, which I'm inside of, to take this shot!

clubhouse Here's a closer view of the clubhouse and restaurant - we have reservations for 7:00pm TONIGHT! Can't wait!