7 July - She's Here!

Posted by Tim on 7 July 2008 - 1:27am

6 July - 11:25 PM - Andrea Jones calls to say 'I think it's time, you better come now'! So it looks like baby Jones is now (see previous 2 blogs) committed to emerging from the womb!

11:32 PM - Kathy, Sarah and I jump in the car heading to North Dublin.

11:59 PM - We pull in to the 'Street where they live' park the car and head for their front door. Mark and Andrea are both standing outside, so we know this is serious! The taxi was called a few minutes earlier with the message "get here, my wife is in labor'!! Now that strikes fear into the heart of any cab driver!

7 July - 12:10 AM - The taxi arrives and a minute later Mark, Andrea and ?? are loaded up and heading to the Rotunda Materity Hospital, not far away.

12:23 AM - Mark sends a text - they are at the hospital and waiting for Andrea to be checked. All looks good. . .

5:30 AM - Katherine (Kate) Lily Jones emerges and orders breakfast! Wieghing in at 6 pounds 14.5 ozs, all is a 'normal' birth with no complications. Andrea is one tough Mamma - no tearing and no epadural. What a huge praise. And, speaking of praises - Mark says that Kate looks just like Andrea! Wheew . . . that was close!

We are not sure when eveyone will be home at this point, but I wouldn't be surprised if it is later today, stay tuned for pictures, fireworks, chocolate cigars and singing!