Back in the USA

Posted by Tim on 19 December 2016 - 7:55pm

We arrived back in the USA on December 1st, landing in San Jose, CA. It was great to see Sarah & Alvin at the airport, as they took us home with them. Sarah and Alvin, now married for 9 months gave us a warm welcome and we have enjoyed some great family time.

As i post this, we are in Oregon, visiting our son Mark and two of the grands...Jack & Jonah. Here's a few pics...

Kathy's Mum's 80th This is Kathy, with her lovely mother, Shirley Jager at her 80th birthday. This was a surprise party near Salinas, CA where Shirley lives. It was a very successful surprise - she didn't have a clue as it was a few days before the actual event! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE BEST MOTHER-IN-LAW on the planet.

Kathy & Mark This is Kathy with our 2nd son, Mark, now living near Ashland, Oregon. We have been able to be with Mark for a week now. We plan to return to Salinas on Wed, and celebrate Christmas with Kathy's family for the first time in 22 years! Mark will join us along with Sarah, Alvin, Kath's brother Steve as well as others in the area. Can't wait!

jack Here's Mark's kids... 4 year old Jonah with big brother, Jack, who is now 6!