Kathy Flys and Night Skies!

Posted by Tim on 16 February 2016 - 12:45pm

 Today, Kathy took to the skies, beginning our travel to California for Sarah & Alvin's wedding, on 5 March. She is going by way of Louisville, KY where she will spend 4 days with Matt, Christie and 3 of our grands.  I will follow in one week and go directly to San Jose to get ready for everyone else in the family to join us over the coming few days . . . exciting times!  Kathy's flight out of Dublin was delayed by about 3 hours so we are praying she will be able to make her connections.


   Last week, speaking of skys, 3 of us set out to photograph an amazing night sky, with no moon!  It was cold, but worth the shivers to try to capture a tiny bit of the glory in which God has painted his sky! Wow, here's a feeble attempt to convey some of what we saw!


Night sky 1 

                        Horizon with ocean on the left and trees in the background


 Night sky 2

                               Same scene a bit later . . .  more stars above.

milky way 

                          Loads more stars in this tiny sliver of the Milky Way