Kinsale Mist...

Posted by Tim on 29 September 2016 - 2:50pm

We often have bright sunny days here in Kinsale, but we also often have 'close' or 'misty' days as well. This past week or two has had many more misty days than we usually get. So, I thought it time to snap a few 'fog portraits, of this famous Co. Cork tourist attraction.

If you have not been to Ireland, it is good to prepare for two or three types of weather in a single day, no matter which time of year you visit. That's wny dressing in layers is so popular - you can quckly remove a hoodie or jumper (sweater) if the sun pops out, and then you can put it back on when (not 'if') it dissaperars! Here's a "non-sunny" day photograph:

    This is a fence leading to Charles Fort, just down the hill from our house. Good thing there is a fence!