Night Photography

Posted by Tim on 22 January 2018 - 8:22am

Last Thursday night a friend from our camera club and I went out an hour or so before sunset in an attempt to find an ocean front location from which to capture a winter scene. It is very difficult to tell, living in Ireland, whether or not any given evening will clear up enough to get the 'golden hour' light from which to shoot a decent shot. 

This evening we found a brilliant location, but the horizon completed clouded over and we ended up with zero sunset lighting. So, we stopped and got a coffee instead and had a good chat. Then as we left the shop and started on our way home we spotted the church scene below off a bit to the left and in front of us. So, as you do here, we stopped and pulled over a very little bit as there was no shoulder on the roadway. We pulled out our tripods and shot this from the street.

Thankful for the shot and for the conversation along the way, and that we didn't get run over in the midst of all this!

night church scene