Sad News . . .

Posted by Tim on 1 February 2016 - 8:45am

We have just found out that Tullagh, our very first Guide Dog pup, has passed away.  We are so very sad as he was not yet 8 years old. We first recieved Tullagh in September of 2008 in our first house in Dublin about 6 months after moving to Ireland.

Tillage as a pup

At 15 months Tullagh entered his advanced training and was matched about 9 months later with a wonderful family near Galway who had a young lad with autism.  Tullagh became known as the 'gentle giant' and was instantly a loved family member.

This picture was taken in 2008 when with one of our grandkids, Isaiah, in the back garden - Tullagh was not yet full grown but we could tell he was going to be a great dog.

Tullagh grown

We are sharing in the feelings of loss with Tullagh's adopted family, though we haven't seem him in years. He was diagnoised with spinal cancer just a week or so earlier and had to be put to sleep to revlieve his suffering.  He was faithful to the end, never whining or complaining.  We are gutted.. .